As a PTA member, you help support education programs and enhancements at Clark Creek. This support makes a difference to each student and to our community as a whole. As well as projects such as…

  • Educational Advancement: Books and materials for the Media Center through the book fairs
  • Campus Enhancement: Purchase of full color LED marquee for school entrance
  • Arts in Education Program: Reflections, Cultural Arts Day, Grants for art materials
  • Music Program: Purchase of a $10,000 Orrf Music Instrument Package for use by all students
  • Support of Physical Education: Grants for sporting equipment for use by all students
  • Communication: Student Agendas, Hawk Talk E-Mail News, PTA Website and Facebook Page
  • Individual and Classroom Recognition: Outside Learning Area (classroom), classroom teacher grant
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation throughout the year
  • Parent Involvement: Muffins for Moms, Donuts for Dads, Grandparents Day, Family Fun Nights, Coordination of parent volunteers as needed throughout the school

Our goal this year is 100% of PTA membership among families at Clark Creek. Parents, grandparents, Clark Creek students/teachers, neighbors, friends, etc. are all eligible to become a Clark Creek PTA member. Every class that reaches 100% membership will be highlighted on the announcements and will receive a special treat!

We look forward to another amazing year in Red Hawk Nation!

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